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4 days ago

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How do you redirect to another page in Javascript?

There are many ways to redirect to another page. But which is the best?

// 1. window.location
window.location.href = ''
document.location.href = '/path'
// 2. window.history
// 3. window.navigate; ONLY for old versions of Internet Explorer
// 4. More ways... but probably not a good…



5 days ago

Here is the JavaScript.

function playAudio(url) {
new Audio(url).play();

Here is the HTML.

<img src="image.png" onclick="playAudio('mysound.mp3')">

If you experience a delay, use var audio = new Audio(url); once on page load. Then trigger it by audio.currentTime = 0;;. Resetting current time is only needed if the sound is…